Hire a car in Mauritius

Everyone likes to take a vacation every now and then. Sometimes, we take vacations so far away that the need for a rental car arises. For this purpose, there are a number of things one should keep in mind when he or she signs a contract for their rental car. Not all car rental companies in Mauritius are the same, and by remembering a few tips and tricks, you can get in and out of the car rental agency in a short amount of time with less stress and headache.

Make a Reservation

Reservations are not required at most car rental agencies; however, reservations are highly recommended. Most car rental companies keep a certain amount of cars at their particular agency. When these cars are all rented, the agency has to borrow from other same brand agencies nearby. When all cars are on rent, one may have to wait for hours to secure a rental car, which can adversely affect the need for the rental car itself. There are times when a car rental agency will make a reservation although they do not have an available car when the customer comes in. There is a simple fix for this situation. First, ask the car rental attendant when he or she expects another car to arrive. If the wait is too, ask for the area manager’s phone number. A car rental attendant will certainly know you mean business and will normally do everything possible to avoid giving that number out.


Although some people opt to take out the extra insurance at the car rental agency, it is normally not required. In certain situations, such as the renter not having insurance of their own, the car rental agency may require car rental insurance. However, in most cases car rental insurance is optional. Call your insurance provider before renting a vehicle to make sure you are covered by your own insurance. The only time car rental insurance may be a good idea is when you are traveling internationally.


There are many aspects when venturing into the car rental agency that one should know. These two tips help you assert yourself when the car rental agency does not live up to their end and helps when the car rental agency salesperson tries to persuade you to purchase the insurance. Know your options to be ahead of the game.