Bel Ombre Beach Mauritius

Bel Ombre Beach Mauritius

Not all beaches are created equal. Even on the paradise island of Mauritius, some beaches are cooler than everyone else’s beach. Bel Ombre beach is no exception!

Nestled in the enchanting village of Bel Ombre found in the southern region of Mauritius, Bel Ombre beach is around 6km of dreamy sand and knock-out views. Maybe because getting there is quite complicated, you often get the place to yourself. Quiet and secluded, it is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the island’s city or touristic villages.

Also known as St Martin Beach, Bel ombre beach finds its way among the top 10 longest beaches in Mauritius. Although most of the beachfront area is occupied by hotels, namely, Heritage le Telfair, the Tamassa hotel and the movenpick resort and spa, there is still 1.2km beach to the west that makes up the Bel Ombre public beach.

Since the best of Bel ombre beach is not accessible via the main road, few travelers venture there. Making the isolated coastline, known for its exceptionally clear waters, shallow bays and vibrant sunsets, even more rewarding. It is definitely one of those glorious spots where you can find yourself alone and cloistered from the world, facing a lovely view across the bay.

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