1. Have a great breakfast

Getting out of bed from the right foot, nothing better than a great breakfast to kick start your best day ever. The best day has to start with a stellar breakfast. What would you take as a cheap breakfast for your perfect day in Mauritius? Head for any bakery, Rs 2.70 for a round bread. A too much inconsiderable amount of money to know how much it makes in euros or dollars. Well, I was pretty sure you’d wanted to know. 0.0068 euros or 0.080 dollars. Buy yourself an egg for 0.125 Euros or 0.15 dollars. If you’re staying with some Mauritian family, skip coffee, get some tea instead. If you’re on your own, we’d probably advised you not to drink tea or coffee from an hotel. Follow our guide and do it by yourself.

2. Take a tour of Port-Louis

Next, dress as per the season. Dress light in summer as temperatures can get extremely high- between 30 – 35 degrees celcius. Not to mention peaks of 40 degrees sometimes. Take a bus to Port-Louis. Less than a Euro/Dollar for the fare if you take a single bus. Traveling by bus can be very fun in Mauritius. Just try the adventure. Down in Port-Louis, you won’t miss places like the China Town, the Central Market or the Plaine-Verte Garden. Walking down the street of Port-Louis can be fun by itself. Lot of things to do or to buy. Street is always good for people watching. Go to the Caudan Waterfront to watch some big cruise, military or container boats. Don’t forget your camera. One of the places not to miss is the Jummah Masjid Mosque which is one of the oldest in Mauritius. Great Architecture. Calmness you will not see anywhere throughout the city. Time for some spirituality.

3. Try Some local Pastry

At noon, try some Tikka bread or the local pastries. Ask people for “Nabil” or “Al-Fayaz” pastry. You can also try some “dholl Puri” or “Rotis”. Anywhere, there is always a lot of local food you can always try. Just eat a little of them all. Mauritian food is great.

4. Visit some historical Sites

The city has quite a few number of historical sites to visit. The champ de mars and Fort Adelaide( aslso known as the Citadelle are good examples). Cool places to be. Great photos can be shot from there. The Citadelle offers a wide view of the city as it is located hill top. You can also go visit the Marie Reine de la Paix, a church found mid distance on a hill. You will have a remarkable view of the Harbour from there.

5. Go swimming at Mont Choisy

In the evening, we’d advised you to head to Mont Choisy, which is one of the gem of the indian ocean. Try Parasailing, Speed Boating or Sun tanning. Mont Choisy is one of the most beautiful beaches of the north of the island. One advice. Do not forget your sunscreen.

6. Watch the sunset from a Catamaran in Grand Bay

Next, head to Grand Baie to watch the Sun set. Jump on a catamaran which offers you this unique opportunity for Rs 300 per person. Sailing and sunset combined will make you want to cuddle your beloved sipping a cocktail. Let the soft breeze gently crush on your face and relax to the sound of the waves as they hit the boat.

7. Try local food for dinner

For dinner, try the local restaurants. In Grand Baie, there is a bunch of these which will offer you haute gastronomy for a cheap price. Local food is spicy and saucy mainly accompanied by Rice and salad. Try the “ladob”, “masala” or “rougaille”. Ask for small portions as restaurants offer big portions.

8. Visit some night spots

Before everything locks for the night, head to the red light district- Grand Baie. Variety of nightclubs to choose from. Many often side by side. You can jump from club to club by foot. You will enjoy the night life in Mauritius.

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