Car rental Mauritius: How to rent a cheaper car?

Are you visiting Mauritius soon and want a cheap car rental in Mauritius?

Any trip that involves the whole family, a lengthy vacation, or a work travel to another city demands a rental car. The best option for reducing travel expenses ultimately turns out to be this one. Traveling by taxi in a strange city may get quite pricey very quickly. By developing a few quick reflexes, you may negotiate decent deals while renting a car.

cheeap car rental mauritius
Cheap car rental Mauritius

Cheap car hire Mauritius : Choose the rental company well to rent cheaper

The rental locations also influence the price. Thus, if you are on the move, the car rental agencies located in airports and train stations are to be avoided. Indeed, the demand is necessarily greater in these places and the offers are more expensive. To find a less expensive rental company, you must move away from these strategic points.

Agencies located in large cities also offer higher rates than agencies in smaller cities. Admittedly, your choice is limited in these localities, but the costs are lower.

Choose the date and options carefully

The price of renting a vehicle increases rapidly when the offer includes options such as:

  • GPS
  • child seat,
  • roof box,
  • etc…

Unless they are essential for your trip, you can exclude these options from your contract. In the case of GPS for example, your smartphone is also equipped with it.

Regarding the date, a reservation well in advance turns out to be more economical than doing it at the last minute. Indeed, the price of renting a car has the same functioning as the price of a plane ticket.

Despite everything, choosing a precise date of departure is not always easy. In addition, it is impossible to avoid certain periods such as school holidays and December in Mauritius. You still have a small margin by booking your rental in the middle of the week. It is recommended to do it in the morning or in the middle of the day.

Find the model that suits your needs

Rental companies apply their price depending on the model to be rented. You don’t pay the same price for an SUV and a sedan. Unless you are very keen on comfort, it is better to bet on the cheapest models on the market.

The fuel is also another selection criterion. In addition to your rental budget, you must pay for fuel for your trips. The longer the rental period, the higher the cost. Therefore, you must choose a model that is not very greedy fuel-wise.

Taking these two criteria into account, the city car is your best option to pay less. In addition to being less greedy, it is one of the most affordable models to rent. Smaller cars are always a better option when renting a car in Mauritius as you can easily navigate in the narrow roads of the island!

However, this choice depends on the number of people on board and the distance to be covered. If you are with the family, a dynamic sedan or minivan is more suited to your needs.

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