Grand Baie Beach Mauritius

For many reasons, Grand baie beach is one of the most loved family beach of Mauritius. Situated close to shopping malls, world class hotels and chic neighborhood, Grand Baie is one of the most prized beaches of the island.

Grand Baie Beach is more of a family beach. Locals enjoy going on the beach after their shopping. Most of them to admire the sunset, buy some fresh fish or to eat something.  

Grand Baie is situated just after the northern peninsula of the north of Mauritius. As it name indicates, it is found in a large bay protected from large waves. 

Grand Baie is located in the middle of two districts. A small area is found in the district of Pamplemousses while the major part is found in the district of Rivière du Rempart Disctrict and therefore falls under the constituency of Rivière du Rempart.

It is found in the constituency number 6, Grand Baie/ Poudre D’or.

Grand Baie has many world class hotels, for example the Royal Palm Hotel, guesthouses, self-catering accommodations, villas, bars and restaurants. The Village is an obligatory beach destination just like its close neighbours Mont choisy and Péreybère.

 The coastal village is the most touristic village in Mauritius. There is always an abundance of tourists.

The Nightlife in Grand Baie is also very active.

How to get to Grand Baie Beach?

The beach is very easy to get to. There is a bus stop just in front of the beach. If you are coming from the immigration square of Port-Louis, it will be better if you take the 215 Express bus of the Triolet Bus service

You can also take 82 Cap Malhereux or Express Cap Malhereux Bus from the Immigration Bus Square of Port-Louis. They are slow and can take you twice more time to arrive than the 215 Express bus.


Things to do in Grand Baie?

Apart from the the shopping centers and the nightlife, there is a range of activities that you can do in grand baie. There is a huge marina inside the bay, and the fact that many boats are parked inside, leaves little room for water activities.

Numerous boat charters organize excursions on neighboring islands like ilot Gabriel, ile plat and ile ronde.

Grand Baie Beach: Places of interests nearby

Grand Baie La Croisette

The Grand Baie LaCroisette is one of the biggest shopping centers on the island. It has hundreds of shops, restaurants and cinemas. It is situated just after the Mont Choisy Round about and located at some hundred meters from the Mont Choisy shopping Mall.

The Shopping Mall is specially crowded on friday nights and Saturdays. 

There is also a gym annexed to the shopping center. 

Super U Coeur de Ville

One of the most visited shopping center of the island. The Super U coeur de ville is prized for its supermarket, the Super U. The shopping center has also a big food court crowded on saturdays. 

There is also a place to play bowling, the lucky strike. One of the few places on the island. 

Sunset Boulevard 

The sunset boulevard is an array of small shops in the heart of Grand Bay situated just in front of the public beach. Most of the shops sell clothes. Others are duty free shops selling alcohol. 

Strip Club (Gentleman’s Club)

Le Rocher is a club found on the 20 foot road. It is a few metres from the Buddah Club.


Where to Stay in Grand Baie?

Grand baie is probably the place which will never lack of accommodation for travelers. There are many world class hotels like the Royal palm. From three stars hotel to five star hotels. There is a range of prices to select from. There are also villas, guesthouses and inns.

So many to choose from!

Best time to visit Grand Baie

Grand Baie is great during all time of the year but the best time remains between the months of October to December. The reason is that these months are in summer and it is usually the dry season. The sun is present nearly every day and there is very little rainfall.

During December, the beach is crowded due to the ongoing festivities and New Year preparation. December is also the school holidays.


Food outlets in Grand Baie

There is a series of restaurant in the town. From haute cuisine to street food, you will obtain everything you are looking for.

From the most expensive to the least expensive.

There are numerous food courts and food outlets. There are also KFCs and McDonalds around town.

There are two food courts. One at the LaCroisette and the other inside the Super U.

Food is cheaper at Super U than at LaCroisette, but there is nevertheless more variety at LaCroisette.


Grand Baie: Insider Tip

If you visit grand baie, the best tip will be to always bargain for the best deal before you buy.


Grand Baie: Safety

Sometimes ago, the government placed security cameras controlled by the police force in some important corners of Grand Baie. Vandalism is nearly non-existing. Grand Baie is a very safe village.

There is Police station just before the sunset boulevard. The station is open 24/7. There is a tourism squad on constant patrol in the vicinities of Grand Baie to assure the town is constantly secured.

Grand Baie also has a group known as the grand Baie neighborhood watch. A group of local people engaged in watching if everything is going right in town. 

There is a clinic near the grand Baie la croisette. Free health care is also given at the grand Baie dispensary which in the street in front of the coast guard building.

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