Isn’t it almost a cliché to talk about the wonders of holidaying in the town-village of Grand-Baie? The perfect place to define exoticism. Time seems to freeze as you walk the streets. Merchants faces looking enthusiastic at the approach of white people. Mauritians are tanned people after all. Vibrant colors varying from shelf to shelf.

Few years ago who would have thought that this fishing village with the island’s most awesome beaches would become one of the Indian Ocean’s most prized holiday destination. Probably no one. Talk about your holiday to Mauritius and forget to mention Grand Baie and everybody becomes mad. Sugar cane fields at its periphery are slowly disappearing at the expense of huge malls like the Grand Baie La Croissette or Super U Coeur de Ville. Cinemas, luxury Shops, haute cuisine. You will not miss anything even if you’d wanted to.

And yet to go to Mauritius, to miss out Grand Baie is without doubt to deprive yourself of a vital organ of your holidays in Mauritius.

Grand Baie is mythical. Occupies a place of choice in the heart of travel lovers. Grand Baie is free. Free from the fast pace of the city and free from the boredom of the country side.

Grand Baie is romantic. The best place to be for your honeymoon. An energy which only strengthen the love between lovers they say. Reason to try.

Sassy little items carefully displayed on shelves in the “Bazar” only wake up the want to buy. Dodos, Shells, Jewelry or crafts.  Beware the wallet. Please take Mrs outside or she will ruin you. Fine language and some self-educated psychology on the menu. It seems they will never let you go without having persuaded you from buying something.

What is so special about this town will everybody say? Everything. From Sea to Sky everything is special about Grand Baie. If you are enough lucky, you may find your mammalian dolphin cousins expressing their joys inside the bay. Sandy Beaches, picturesque paysages, 5 star hotels, everything inside Grand Baie is minutely located.

Unabashedly talking about why we all love this town. Sea, Sun, calmness. You will make a lot of friends. Visit Grand Baie and show us someone who will hesitate to bring you home to taste the local delicacies.

No matter where you are holidaying in Mauritius, it is a must you visit Grand Baie, if only for some time to spend at the beach.

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