Mauritius: Discover five awesome sites

Well well well, Mauritius Island, is not only about the remarkable white sandy beaches, the ever present sun, blue lagoon, and luxurious hotels. Mauritius has a lot to offer. Lesser known sites. Many being classified by the UNESCO as world heritage site. The like of the Aapravasi Ghat, which we will not deal with today. Reason being that the history and emotions it carries is too large to explain in a few words or line. Today, Travelers Mauritius bring to you five awesome site.

Sites which play a great deal in the Mauritian Culture and Landscape.

#1. The Jummah Mosque- “Grand Masjid” for locals.

Peace. A word which perfectly describes the mosque. One of the best architecture in the fast paced Port-Louis. Mosque which carries the past of the 200,000 heads Muslim community of the Rainbow Island. Perfectly combining the Moorish and Mughal architectural style, the building stands proudly in the middle of China town with magnificent Minarets, columns and arches which at first sight appears to have been finely sculpted by well train artisans. Those who arrived from India being promised of a better life on the island. Chennai, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras…
The front door is beautifully sculpted and made of thick wood, giving the structure an imposing look, just like a castle. Few hawkers’ stands in front of the mosque selling alcohol free perfume, the ittar, incense sticks and few religious attires.

Jummah Mosque in Port-Louis Mauritius
Jummah Mosque in Port-Louis

The sight of the mosque is in itself appeasing. The incense sticks burning give rise to a certain euphoria. The ablution corner surrounds a fish pond with huge tilapias. Clear fresh water comes from the tap. In the middle of the veranda, protected from the sun’s rays by a beautiful modern transparent roof, stands the Indian almond tree, most commonly referred to as the Badamier in creole.


Anyone can visit the mosque, even women. There is a guide who will give you a tour of the mosque and offer you some valuable info. Except on Fridays and in the holy month of Ramadan when the mosque cannot be visited due to the high amount of worshippers present.


#2. The bird Sanctuary of Terre Rouge

Thousands of birds stop there refuging from the cold weather of the outer tropical zone. Like people, even birds prize our tropical paradise. The Sanctuary, near to the coast line is humid and classified as a reserve. In between the towns of Roche bois and Terre Rouge, the sanctuary is a vital refuge for migrating birds.

Rivulet Terre Rouge in Mauritius Bird Sacntuary
The Bird Sacntuary in Terre Rouge


The Site is open to visitors from October to April which is the Migratory Period. A visitors’ center is also present to also help you admire the birds closer and more discretely.  Terns, Curlew Sandpipers, Greater Sand Plovers, Bar Tailed Godwits and Sanderlings

#3. The Mauritius Photography Museum

Mauritius photography Museum Port Louis
Mauritius photography Museum

Situated in the heart of the business district of Mauritius and merely fifty meters from the fabulous Port Louis Theatre, fans of still imagine will be well served. Nested inside an 1800 architecture colonial stone building, the museum contains an immense collection of photos, cameras and dageurreotypes. Most of the work is attributed to the local collector and photograph Tristan Bréville. The museum is an excellent way to live the Mauritian past without having much to read. As it is said, a picture speaks a thousand words.


#4. Fort Adelaide- “La Citadelle”

La Citadelle- Fort- Adelaire- Mauritius-Port-Louis
La Citadelle


Build by the Britons in the year 1835 to fight against the French, the fort has stood the test of time and still stands on a hill top in the middle of the capital city, Port-Louis. The building is now used to host concerts by international artists.


#5. Lion Mountain

Lion. King of Animals. Just like a king, the Lion Mountain looks over the Vieux Grand Port and the Mahebourg bay. A well-deserved picturesque sight after a long hike along the back of the mountain. The site is mythical and caries a lot of history.

Lion Mountain - Viewx Grand Port Mahebourg Mauritius
Lion Mountain

Locals will count you fairy tales about the legendary mountain. Dancing fairies at night fill the bushes of the Lion Mountain. An hour or two of a constant pace will bring you to the top of the mountain. You will forget your tiredness after the sight which will be offered to you. Priceless.


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