Mauritius: North beaches

The north coast probably house the best beaches of the island and has the great advantages of being close. You could get from one beach to the other within minutes of walking.

A little advice is to walk behind the sometimes huge rock piles as they may hide secluded coves much beautiful than the main beaches. They will none other than dazzle you. Many a times, people are often discouraged to go behind the rock piles as they may be dangerous. But if you still got some courage left and want to taste some adventure, then i’ll give you only one advice- go!

#10- Bain Boeuf

#9-Grand Gaube

#8-Cap Malheureux

#7-Anse la Raie



#4-Trou aux Biches

#3-La cuvette


#1-Calodyne Sur Mer

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