Mont Choisy Beach Mauritius

The Mont Choisy beach is located on the north western coast of Mauritius. This is a very long beach that stretches from the south of Pointe aux Canonniers, which is a rocky beach, to the north of Trou aux Biches. What makes this beach so special is the white sandy beach that curves around the coast, creating a beautiful bay with turquoise water.

The beach is wide, and the sand is powdery. There is a forest of Casuarina, most commonly known as the filaos trees, which adds to the exotic touch of the beach. There is a large surface area where you can relax under the shades of the trees, an ideal setting for the ocean.

There is a main road passing in front of the beach for a few hundred meters and there are three bus stops in front of several areas of the beach.

Since this beach is very accessible, it makes it a favorite destination for tourists and locals. There are many vendors hiding from the scorching sun under the trees, so if you fancy a snack during the day, you can choose between a variety of dishes.

Mont Choisy beach is another perfect place to watch the sunset.

How to get to Mont Choisy Beach?

Mont Choisy Beach is probably the easiest beach to get to. Situated in the north, you absolutely have to get to the immigration square to jump on the bus to Mont Choisy. Only the Triolet bus service deserves this region. You can take the “82 Cap Malhereux” or the “Express Cap Malhereux” buses. The former is the slowest since it stops at every bus stops. A trip in the “82 Cap Malhereux” Bus will cost you around one hour of your precious time compared to 45 minutes only in the Express. 


Things to do in Mont Choisy

There is a range of things you can do in Mont Choisy. First of all, the landscape is amazingly picturesque. You can begin by taking some photographs of the turquoise lagoon. The human planted Casuarina forest is also a wonderful photography subject.

Why not read a book under the shade of the filaos? You can even enjoy sunbathing on the perfectly white soft sand.

There is also a beach soccer playground next to a football playground. Football tournaments are seldom held over there.

There is also a range of water sports. Parasailing, water ski, surfing, kayaking, etc…

You will also be amazed if you go for a trip in a glass bottom boat. It is simply wonderful to admire the blossoming fauna and flora of the lagoon.

Places of Interest near Mont Choisy

Apart from the beach and some accommodations, there is nothing much to do in Mont Choisy . There are only few places of interest inside Mont Choisy. 

Mont Choisy is great due to the fact that it situated near the villages of Grand Baie and only a few minutes from Port-Louis. 

One of the most interesting activities to do in Mont Choisy is horse racing. There is a stable in front of the beach and track of nearly one kilometer where race horses usually train. 

There is also a few night clubs and bars near Mont Choisy.

Where to Stay in Mont Choisy?

Mont Choisy is loved by locals as well as tourists for its beach. This beach destination is one of the most chosen beach villages of Mauritius. 

There is a large range of accommodations you can choose from. From Villas, hotels, guesthouses, everyone will find what they are looking for. 

Camping in Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is the most prized camping spot of Mauritius. It is specially crowded during school holidays and during the week ends. 

There are also a series of places specially designed for barbecues. 

If you are an adventurous traveler, don’t miss the opportunity of doing some camping in Mont Choisy. 

 Best time to Visit Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is a year round destination. But the perfect time to visit is without contest during the months of September to November. During this period of time, the weather is neither too hot not too cold. The rainfall is also relatively very low, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

The beach is mostly crowded from November to January, the month of april and in august. 

Food Outlets in Mont Choisy

There are many restaurants around Mont Choisy. There are also a lot of mobile restaurants around the beach. You can taste a lot of local delicacies, but the majority of these restaurants sell chips, burgers, kebabs and soft drinks. 

Insider Tip 

It is better to visit Mont Choisy during week days than on week ends. 

Mont Choisy: Safety

The beach is safe during the day. At night, there are very rare police patrols. Always be on your guard, and never go camping alone. 


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