Péreybère Beach Mauritius

The Péreybère Public Beach is found in the north of the island of Mauritius. The village is found between the villages of Grand Baie and Cap Malhereux in the district of Rivière du Rempart. 

It is one of the most prized beaches by locals and is particularly lively on week-ends. 

It is quite a bit of an adventure to trail from Grand Baie to Péreybère. If you walk at a quite slow pace, the trail will take around two hours. 

There is a good number of isolated creeks along the way. Each as much beautiful as the next one.  

The water in Péreybère  is one of the clearest, but since the beach is not protected by coral reefs, the water is relatively deep compared to other beaches. 

How to get to Pereybere?

It is really easy to get to the Pereybere public beach. Why not do a hike from Grand baie? If you keep walking on the beach from La Cuvette, the beach just after the Grand Baie Public beach, you will get to Pereybere in no time! A plus is that you will discover amazing landscapes as well as great swimming spots. You will undoubtedly fall in love with these isolated spots, free from massive tourism. Enjoy the calmness of these beaches and why not sun tan while reading your favorite fiction?

If you are coming from Port-Louis, just follow the coastal road from Grand Baie. If you’re coming by bus, then you need to go to the Immigration bus square of Port-Louis and take the 82 Cap Malhereux Bus, 95 St Antoine Bus or Express Cap Malhereux Bus. 

 The latter is the fastest and it will take you about one hour or more depending on the traffic to get to the beach. The 95 St Antoine Bus is very slow as it will pass through a lot of regions before. It can take up to two hour to get to Pereybere. Inconceivable if you want to enjoy the white soft sand of Pereybere.

Pereybere: Things to do 

Honestly speaking, there is not a lot of things to do in Pereybere. It is just somewhere you can enjoy the calmness of your holiday. There are very few activities compared to the nearby Grand Baie seaside resort. 

The only advantage Pereybere has is that it is situated just next to Grand Baie where there is a lot of things to do and see. 

Nevertheless, it does have some shops but with a very limited variety of products. 

If you are a fan of big game fishing, you will probably be pleased. Big Game fishing amateurs usually fish off the coast of Pereybere. You can catch fish like Blue Marlins, Tuna, Dorado and other big fish. 

There are also a few diving spots around the lagoon. There is an abundant Marine life and the coral is amazing. Why not initiate yourself to diving if you haven’t yet? The water is usually calm and the sun present throughout the year. The water is amazingly clear, giving perfect visibility. 


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