Relaxing on the Island of Rodrigues

A small island 560 kilometres east of Mauritius proves to be a wonderful holiday location. Rodrigues is for those who love the sun, beach and no stress.

Located in Anse Aux Anglais is a hotel that resides on the beach, perfect for those on vacation. For those wanting a chance to explore the island of Rodrigues, this could prove to be a great place to stay and explore from.

Port Mathurin

Five mintues away by car is the town capital Port Mathurin. A stroll around the local town will afford the tourist with the opportunity to try local cuisine, pick up some new clothes and admire the many fruit trees that seem to be on display in every garden. These include the easily spotted bananas, guava, paw paw and mangoes. Those more familiar with local fruits may also recognise pomme grenade (literally translated as apple grenade) and the large green sphere ‘fruit a pain’ (bread fruit).

Hire a car !

In town a car can be hired for somewhere in the vicinity of 1100 – 1500 rupees (about 38 – 50 dollars ) for the day. When exploring Rodrigues, it’s worth utilising a four wheel drive vehicle, as some off road driving will allow a chance to see a greater number of beautiful places.

A ten minute drive at around 40 – 50 kilometers per hour will take the traveler to Baladirou, a small, quiet beach. Driving along the coast from Anse aux Anglais (English Bay), you will pass through Caverne Provert, Jeantac and Grande Baie before reaching Baladirou.


An off-road drive for a few minutes will result in reaching the top of a hill, overlooking the sea. A map of Rodrigues indicates the location of Baladirou. To the right of this map, a flight of uneven stairs winds its way down to a quiet beach. Those walking the steps may spy a lone crab the size of one’s fist, trying to back inconspicuously into the shadow of a protruding rock.

A small beach, Baladirou has many filaou trees that line a grassy area, meeting with the grainy sand that is far from coarse underfoot. A stroll along the beach will afford plenty of opportunity to admire various pieces of coral. Observant eyes may spy pale craps the size of one’s thumbnail darting across the sand. For those eager to enjoy a small, peaceful beach, consider:

  • Skipping stones across the water
  • Building sand castles
  • Sitting in the shallow waters or even a swim

If not wanting to travel from the comfort of the hotel, it is possible to stay looking out over the beach of Anse aux Anglais. A short walk from a couple of shops that offer refreshments in the humid weather, the beach offers another beautiful place to rest, watch a gorgeous sunset and admire the view of a few boats being lifted by the small waves.

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