Riambel beach Mauritius

Riambel Beach Mauritius

The sun gently caressing your face…sand tickling your feet… nothing more relaxing that this deserted beach with a true Robinson Crusoe feel. This is the place for travelers who love dramatic natural settings. It screams intimacy, serenity and adventure!

When it comes to beautiful coastlines and picturesque landscapes, it is hard to beat the south. Located in the disctict of Savanne, Riambel is one among the offbeaten beaches of the island.  The oceanfront here is beautifully rugged, with a long stretch of pristine beach fringed by palm trees and grassy banks. Still unmarred by touristic development, the purity of the air and splendor of the surroundings ignite a spirit of adventure to visitors.  Also known as Pomponette, Riambel beach offers 2.5 km of wild untouched coastline free of hotels.

The atmosphere feels mythical, especially during week days when you can have the whole beach to yourself. On a sunny day, you will be amazed with the vast beauty of the sea. The water twinkles an almost surreal turquoise as the sun reflects on it and gentle waves lap against the white powder sand.  Less than 200 meters away from the coral reef, the seabed slopes gently away from the beach, creating shallow bays of warm waters.

How to get there?

If you are staying in the north of the island, getting to Riambel beach might take a couple hours.

If you plan to go by bus, you need to go to the Vitoria Square bus station in Port-Louis. From there take the bus 162 (it is the Express bus to forest side). Once you arrive at forest side, walk a little till you reach XVIth Mile and finally get onto the bus 133, which will take you to Surinam. Ask the bus controller to notify when approaching the bus stop that is nearest to Riambel beach, so you may prepare yourself to get off the bus then. Note that the total bus fare from Port-louis to Surinam will not exceed Rs100 (that is 2.5euros approximately).

Cheap and fun, getting there by bus is definitely an option to consider if you are not in a hurry and want to experience the authenticity of the island. However, we will recommend a taxi or a rented car you wish to move around easily. There are lots of beautiful beaches and places to visit nearby.

Where to stay?

Based in the wild south of the island, self accommodation in Riambel will provide you with your own slice of paradise. There are many charming villas to choose from if you are looking for a little seclusion. The eerie atmosphere and direct access to the never ending stretch of white sandy beach make it a haven of tranquility. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping on a beautiful sunny morning and go to sleep with the rumble of the sea.

You will not regret renting a villa in Riambel. It is cheap accommodation and the beach gentle slope makes it safe for holidaymakers with kids. A 30 minutes drive from the airport, the place is also easily accessible to various interesting parts of the island. Those who are avid lovers of nature will be too happy to take a 15min drive to Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, where trekking, quad biking and golf facilities are offered.



Fancy swimming the Indian Ocean with your horse? There are few places in the world where you can experience rides and views like here! With the most beautiful sunset as backdrop, horseback riding at Riambel is like a dream coming true – simply out of this world. Nothing is more exhilarating than whipping up the sand you gallop across 2.5 km of spectacular shores, with the waves breaking beside you and the wind in your face. Swim into the warm crystal clear waters with your horse.

Get in touch with the Centre Equestre de Riambel to book your ride. The equestrian centre hosts 9 rigorously trained horses and 3 ponies. It caters for experienced riders as well as absolute beginners in utmost security.  The excursion will last around 1 or 2 hours, a local guide will be accompanying you.

A unique experience, one that promises relaxation and romance. A must do for couples visiting the island. The whole setting is enchanting, like a scene out of a movie. No doubt, you will cherish these moments for lifetime.

Insider tips

Totally secluded, the whole beach is most often abandoned in the calm and peacefulness of the sound of strong wind and waves. Whether you are looking for solitude or some intimacy to share romantic moments with someone special, Riambel is the ideal spot. However it also means that it will be difficult to find facilities usually available on highly frequented beaches. If you are lucky, you might come across the old snack van otherwise go to Bel ombre (west) or Surinam (east) for your food and drinks stocking.

Grapping a basket stuffed with delicacies and heading to Riambel is a surefire way to have a 5-star date with your loved one. The beach is the perfect picnic setting, where there is no dearth of secluded out of the way spots; natural coves.

For the adventurous souls, trekking on the black rock formations might add a little thrill to the beach trip. Pointe aux roches is an interesting area separating Bel Ombre and riambel. The place offers breathtaking scenery with the blackness of the rocks sharply contrasting with the whiteness of the beach and lushness of tropical vegetations, definitely one not to be missed. If you cross pointe aux roches and hike the 500 metres of slippery rock formations, you will end up in the middle of Bel Ombre hotel resort areas. Hiking in the opposite direction to the east for some 2 km will take you to the Riambel SSR beach. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen and bring along your camera to capture the essence of this highly photographic beach and its surrounding.


Be cautious of the western part of the lagoon (downwind) as the current can get strong towards the channel in the reef, giving rise to lively waters. Also, horseback riding is better enjoyed on high tides to avoid fields of urchins found near the reef

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