St Felix Beach Mauritius

St Felix Beach Mauritius

For those inspired travelers looking for the most beautiful beaches tucked away on the untamed southern coast of Mauritius, St Felix beach might be the thing for you.

Located in the Savanne district, in the southern tip of Mauritius, St Felix is one of the most remote and peaceful beaches of the island. St Felix comprises of two small separate beaches, the eastern one being the most recommendable to visit. Also known as Chemin Grenier beach, it stretches over 1.5 kilometers of powdery sand from Riviere des Galets all the way to Riambel. The water makes that subtle switch from a light turquoise to a darker blue, the whole scenery dramatically contrasting with the dense vegetation along the coastline. An atmosphere of serenity prevails here, ideal for some relaxation after a hectic week.

How to get there?

  1. Driving through the coastal road

If you are heading to St Felix from the north, it might take you a couple of hours to get there. We highly recommend renting a car, as there are so many beautiful spots you could visit on the way. The journey between grand baie and St Felix is approximately 97km if you take the coastal road.

A world away from the north coasts, much of the south’s landscape is blanketed in wild coastlines with breathtaking views of turquoise waters. You will not be disappointed with your drive. The southwest coastal road snakes from fishing villages and inlets with crashing ocean waves into calm, lush green bays’ adorned by golden sands till the rocky cliffs of the untamed south. 

  1. Taking the bus

Now if you are going by bus, we suggest you go to the Victoria Square Bus station in Port-louis. First, you take the bus 162 which is available every 8 minutes till Forest Side. The bus fare should not exceed Rs 38 (approx 1.01 euros and 1.05 US dollar). From there, you walk till XVIth Mile and embark the bus 133, available every 40 minutes, till the Chemin Grenier Taxi stand.

Note: Ask the bus controller to notify once you arrive at the desired bus stop.

Activities to do in St Felix:

Have a picnic on the beach

St Felix beach is such a haven of peace and tranquility that you will get the impression of being left alone on a deserted island. The grassy bank makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a picnic with your family or your better half. There is plenty of space to spread out and the parking area being located right next to the beach makes it easy to carry coolers and chairs.

Snorkeling at St Felix

No boat? No problem. You only need to take along your masque and tuba as St Felix is a good snorkeling destination. The water looks inviting, even for first time snorkelers. Swim out to the shallow reef through crystal clear waters and encounter a huge variety of species.

Fishing at St Felix

There are some tour operators who organize fishing boat trips and even speed boat trips around the region.  Or you can seek the advice of the local people if you would prefer to fish off the beach.

Places of interest near St Felix beach

St Felix Stables

Fancy a horse riding trip in the tropics?

The St Felix stables, situated in the vicinity of the St Felix Sugar estate, will not disappoint you. A modern and dynamic equestrian centre, strategically located so as to provide amazingly adventurous rides in some of the island’s most enthralling sites.

Ride through sugar cane fields, old colonial buildings and picturesque farms, taking in the fresh pure air. Brace yourself for breathtaking 360 degree views around each corner while you experience the thrill of riding the rolling hills. Ending with a refreshing splash in the waters of St felix beach!

Zip lining at St Felix Sugar Estate

The St Felix Sugar Estate provides for an exhilarating zip lining adventure above the forest canopy. It is a two kilometers journey through lush forests over the Riviere des Galets, with delightful views of valleys, waterfalls, river gorges, sugar fields and hilly mountain peaks at a speed of up to 40 miles per hour. Do not miss to check out the different types of exotic birds and animals that make up this stunning nature reserve.

Where to stay?

Well, you have the choice between a world class leading hotel and an authentic affordable resort.

Shanti Maurice,  A Nira Resort – luxury of the highest order

One of Mauritius most primed hotels is located in St Felix, the Shanti Maurice – A nira resort hotel. It is a 40min drive east of Plaisance, the island’s only airport. The five star resort comprises of villas with private pools and are surrounded by exotic gardens, terraces and courtyards. Pure bliss and relaxation awaits you there. Set across more than 75,000 square feet and offering 25 treatments rooms, the hotel’s award winning spa is one of the largest and most comprehensive spas in the Indian Ocean. The hotel has direct access to one of the most pristine beach you will ever see, it’s definitely worth the stay.


Baladam Pride – Good value for money

If you are looking for a more affordable accommodation in St Felix, we suggest you try the Baladam Pride, a charming residence, where all luxuries and modern facilities are easily accessible. The resort comprises of 18 bedrooms (234 sq ft), all facing the ocean, with a king-size bed of 1.8m wide and 2m long. Each room is air conditioned, and contains shower room, built-in cupboards and mini bar. You may enjoy wifi and TV facilities. A lovely swimming pool, assorted with outdoor teak garden furniture will further contribute to your relaxation.

Insider Tips:

To your great delight, Travelers will let you on a secret. It is very plausible to encounter whales in St Felix, yes WHALES! The St Felix water is the migration pathway for these big lovely creatures.

Several parts of the waters at St Felix have a shallow depth of less than half a meter, making it a suitable spot for children.

The beach is easily accessible from the main road and the parking area is near the coastal road. You can stock up on food with the different mobile food sellers in the region, ranging from briani, samoussas, and several snacks to burgers and chips.


Due to the proximity of the beach with the reef, you can expect strong currents in some region and the lagoon ground being covered with corals, we do not recommend swimming.


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