Trou aux Biches Beach Mauritius

Also known as Le Sakao beach, Trou aux biches is one of the most frequented beaches of Mauritius Island. The Beach is famous due to its close proximity to luxurious hotels and chic neighborhood.

Not any places in the world will you find a beach with such soft sand and pristine water like in Trou aux Biches.


Situated northwest of Mauritius, Trou aux Biches is situated just after Triolet.  It is also the first beach you will come across coming from Port-Louis via Triolet Village.


Trou aux biches form part of the famous district of Pamplemousses, probably the district which houses the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.


Trou aux Biches is home for many hotels, guesthouses, self-catering accommodations, villas, bars and restaurants. The Village is an unavoidable beach destination just like its close neighbors Grand Baie and Mont choisy.


The coastal village is one of the most beautiful ones in Mauritius. Life is slow paced and the sun is present throughout the year and this asset makes of Trou aux Biches perfect for some sun tanning.



How to get to Trou aux Biches Beach?

The beach is very easily accessible. If you’re coming by bus, just get on the 82 Cap Malhereux or Express Cap Malhereux Bus from the Immigration Bus Square of Port-Louis. Ask the ticket controller to get you down in front of the beach. They are very friendly and will not hesitate to help you. In fact, it is very easy to locate the beach. There are two bus stops in front of the beach. The Bus stop are made from rock and wood and are very beautiful. Time to take some snaps from your camera.


Things to do in Trou aux Biches?

Trou aux Biches beach is about two kilometres long and offers many activities you can enjoy at a relatively low price. You will find many types of activities. Glass bottom trips, Water Ski, Scuba Diving and Parasailing among many others.


The very much soft sand of Trou aux Biches will offer you much calm you will probably enjoy under the shade of a kiosk lying on your beach chair. The best place to read romantic fiction.


What about a beach volley match. Who told you it was possible on the beaches of Brazil only? Trou aux biches beach competes with no problem with all the best beaches from around the world. After all, Trou aux Biches is found in the pearl of the Indian Ocean- Mauritius.

Places of interests nearby

The Mauritius Aquarium

The Mauritius aquarium should without doubt on your places to visit list. It is the unique aquarium in Mauritius. Although it does not compete with other aquariums from around the world, it has some endemic species on show. The gear and containers are very basic, but you will love the colorful species of fish. You can also find some sharks on display.

The Maheswarnath temple


One of the most interesting places near Trou aux biches is the Maheswarnath temple. It is a hindu temple just on the border of Trou aux Biches and Triolet. The Temple is situated in front of the Triolet bus Terminal.


Triolet bus terminal


The Bus Terminal Station is an indication of the end of the village of Triolet which is mainly populated by of the Hindus although there is a large Muslim population also with about 12 mosques.


Where to Stay in Trou aux Biches?

Trou aux Biches is world famous for its hospitality. Whether your with family, friends, business related or simply on a honeymoon, you will get the same service wherever you are staying.


Unlike other parts of the island, Trou aux Biches offers relatively cheap accommodation. Whatever is your budget, you will be able to spend your holidays comfortably. Either in hotels, guest houses, villas or self-catering facilities. There is a variety of options to choose from. Trou aux Biches also attracts local holidayers from the northern region due to its cheap accommodations.


Best time to visit Trou aux Biches

You will discover that Trou aux Biches is mainly frequented by tourist. Although the beach is less frequented off school holidays. During week days, the beach is really quiet and get a little bit crowded on weekends. The beach is mostly crowded on Sundays when many locals invade the beach.


The peak season is during the end of December. The beach gets specially crowded. Thousands of people gather on the New Year eve to look at fireworks organized by hotels. It is really a unique experience.


Food outlets in Trou aux biches

Walking around the perimeter of Trou aux biches you will find numerous restaurants. From haute cuisine to the less known local food. From expensive to less expensive dishes. The parking of the beach also hosts some few stands which sell soft drinks and other snacks as well as local food. You will definitely find burgers, hot dogs, kebabs and other fast foods such as fried noodles, fried rice. Other snacks to try are the Dholl Puri, Roti, merveille, Samosa. There are a lot of hawkers selling these snacks in artisanal glass cases fixed on top of their motorcycles.


Insider Tip

It can be get really hot in summer. Choose light clothes and do not forget to bring some sun screen if you definitely want to avoid some nasty sun burns. Choose water resistant one as you won’t be able to resist the turquoise water of the beach.


Don’t get fooled by beach hawkers who will try to fool you by selling cheap items at exhorting prices. If you’re being harassed, do not hesitate to take a trip to the police station nearby. They have a special branch known as the Tourism police who will not hesitate to help you.


Icemen will also try to sell you ice creams very expensively. The price of an ice cream is not greater than hundred Mauritian rupees. Refuse when you’re being forced into buying ice creams at a higher price than this.



Trou aux Biches beach is one of the safest of the island. Reasons are probably because of its abundance of visitors throughout the year. There is a police station just in front of the beach entrance. The police station of Trou aux Biches has one of the most beautiful architectures of all the police stations in Mauritius. The old one has been destroyed and reconstructed by a hotel to correspond to the aesthetic of this beautiful region.

There is also a dispensary at the entrance of the beach and some tourist and souvenir shops.



Follow our advices on Trou aux Biches and you are sure to make make the best of your holidays.

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