Why Mauritius is the perfect holiday destination for kids?

A question arises. Why would a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean- nearly nowhere please kids of all ages? How can it spring to mind for a second that Mauritius is a holiday destination for kids? After all, there is no Disneyland.

Mauritius has too many times been sold for being a honeymoon and luxury destination, leaving aside other aspects of the best holiday destination of the world. Mauritius is a kid’s destination too.

The Climate

Mauritius is inside the tropics and enjoys one of the best climates. While your children’s friend might be playing out in the snow and catching a cold, the most beloved beings to you will be enjoying a sun tan. An attribute they will be able to flaunt back home.

Winter is exotic in Mauritius. While in most European countries there is heavy snowfall leaving your children clustered inside compelling them to play inside. While in Mauritius, they will be happy swimming in the turquoise lagoon, enjoying water sports and playing with the soft white sand building castles.


Yes, Safety. Security is the number one priority when considering a holiday destination. Do you know any other countries which parade the fact of having a tourism police? Yes, Mauritius do has one. But it will be of no help for your kids. Why? Mauritius is safe. No chances of having your kids kidnapped and seeing you being asked for a ransom. There has been no previous case before and we are not near having one. The island is too small to hide a potential victim, and we have a well-organized police force ready for any eventuality.


Our Beaches are too beautiful to describe. If we begin to write about our beaches assets, you will most probably believe that it is fiction rather than reality. Just Imagine. 330 kilometers of coast line, and we can say with 99.9% of conviction that you can swim safely in more than 90% of it. Maybe a little more. But let’s be on the safe side. Give to your children an exotic adventure they will remember and talk all their life. Few people can boast about having visited Mauritius Island. Grand Baie, Péreybère, Blue Bay, La Cuvette. The most beautiful Beaches of the island. It won’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that they are the most beautiful of even the whole Indian Ocean.

Amazing Adventures

Mauritius has the advantage to be in the African continent without being attached to it. Mauritius is clean. Classified on the world’s top lists for water and air quality. We still have a bright blue sky above our head. No smog. No visible trace of pollution. Our trees have not yet given place to massive concrete development. We still pride our national parks. We have zoos and bird parks to give your children a taste of Africa without being in Africa. Let Giraffes, zebras, ostriches and rhinos impress your children in breathtaking safaris.

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