Cheap Car Rental Mauritius

Knowing how to get a cheap car rental mauritius can help stretch hard earned dollars/euros in a tight economy. and it plays a large role to preserve funds for other activities when traveling. Not all rates on car rentals are the same, and even a wise consumer can be surprised to find hidden fees when the final billing statement is delivered. The first and most important step to get a low cost car rental in mauritius is to read and understand the fine print on the rental agreement in order to know what is included in the base price and what is deemed by the car rental agency to be an “extra” service.

Nearly all of the larger national car rental agencies do a very good job in presenting this information openly, and those that do not should absolutely be avoided.

The most basic aspect of how to get a low cost car rental is to comparison shop aggressively via the telephone or internet prior to making a rental commitment. This single action will give a consumer a rough idea of which car rental agencies are the more reasonably priced. Once this has been established a car rental customer can begin to question the customer service representative on ways to lower the quoted price. One of the best ways to get a low cost car rental in mauritius is to forgo using the car rental agency’s insurance and apply the rental car to coverage you already have on the vehicle that you own. If the insurance you have on your personal vehicle is of sufficient quality and coverage amounts this action alone could easily save over $100 on a car that is rented for a week.

Another great way to get a low cost car rental is to know what times of the week are the best times to rent a car. Car rental rates are highest on Fridays and Saturdays when the demand is at it’s peak. A car that is rented between Sunday and Thursday is usually much lower in price, and is the optimum time to get a low cost car rental in mauritius. Another excellent way to get a low cost car rental is to ask for specials that may be available for rentals of a week or longer. Often times with the use of a weekly special a consumer that only requires the use of a rental car for 5 days can possess a rental for 7 days and actually save money in the process.

Finally, to get a low cost car rental utilize all of the tools at your disposal to save money.

Ask if there are discounts available for senior citizens, veterans, trade unions, fraternal organizations or if you can join a frequent customer program.

Also, always make reservations for a car rental as far in advance as is feasible, as there may be a discount associated with booking reservations early.

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