Car Rental Mauritius – Southern itinerary

December 6, 2022

You have decided to rent a car for your next trip to Mauritius and you’re wondering where to start? This is a very good decision (and question) when we consider the fact that Mauritius has a hundred public beaches, a wide variety of activities and interesting places to visit. Travelers Car rental Mauritius offers a […]

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Car Rental Mauritius – The best beaches to drive to

November 1, 2022

Travelers Car rental Mauritius brings you the best beaches to drive to. Beaches have always been the number one attraction in Mauritius. And if you’ve chosen to rent a car in Mauritius, you’ll have the privilege to drive to magnificent beaches you otherwise wouldn’t have the occasion to see. There are over a hundred public […]

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Car rental Mauritius

Car rental Mauritius: Tips before renting a car in Mauritius

October 20, 2022

If you have ever been on the coastal roads of Mauritius, you know it; car rental in Mauritius is a very good idea. As for your accommodation, car rental also requires a good preparation and a fair amount of internet research. If you are here, it is for a good reason, because we have prepared […]

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